My journey at FIT365 by Kristin McInnes

Hi my name is Kristin McInnes AKA "Krita"

I've lived in Mangawhai for 23 years, this is an amazing town that I'm proud to call my home! 

My family is the most important thing in my life and FIT365 comes in second. Being happy is always my goal, I love the beach, food, being outdoors especially snowboarding and I'm always up for a challenge

Before I started FIT365 I had low self esteem about my body, I was always tired, and wasn't in a happy place mentally. 

I've always had a good fitness base from running, playing netball and going to the gym when I could be bothered. However I never really knew what to do when I got there or if I was even doing it correctly. 

When I started FIT365 two years ago I was so nervous. “Was I going to fit in, what are the workouts going to be like and am I actually going to be able to do the movements?”

But after every class at FIT365 I felt so amazing inside and out no matter how hard the workout was! I started with x3 classes a week but shortly found that this was not enough to get the improvements I wanted, so I upgraded to unlimited classes, which was the best decision.

I’ve been consistently training at FIT365 for two years now and I've noticed such a big difference in my waistline, body shape, and mental health. So I'm so much happier. 

About 6months ago Aaron and Jo introduced The Level Method Testing. This is an assessment based programme where you complete a number of skill sessions and workouts. On completion you are given a colour, which represents your current overall skill and fitness level.

Every 10-12weeks we retest all the workouts and skills. After my first assessment I was awarded Orange and after my second, I got Orange again. I was so gutted with myself because I had improved on most of the workouts but there were a few that I didn't improve. This was a reflection of my upper body strength, which needed lots of improvement.

So I decided to talk to Aaron about a plan of action to improve my upper body strength for example, pull ups. He suggested doing Personal Training with him, so I did!

I started with just one PT session a week and I did initially think this would be easy, however I soon found out, that it was not.

I learnt that to achieve a strict pull up wasn't just about my upper body strength but about my whole body strength. Aaron had me doing all sorts of exercises like dead bugs, land mines, split squats, loaded carries and much, more. Some weeks I had to do PT homework 2-4 times a week before I saw him again as well as fitting in the classes I wanted to do. It was a lot to get in, but I found the time and I was committed to do it.

The Level Method testing came around again and I was so nervous. “Was I going to improve on my last two colours after doing PTs with Aaron?”

And I did! I went from Orange to Orange III. I was so happy with myself that I had gone up 3 levels. All because I was focused on achieving something I thought I could never achieve. At the beginning of my PTs I could only do one pull-up now I can do over 20. 

Now I've started doing push-ups and handstand push ups and I've progressed in these too but I still have a long way to go. 

Since starting PTs with Aaron 3months ago, I've noticed so many changes. I'm a lot leaner and so much stronger. Also big thanks to Jo and her knowledge with nutrition. I now eat good wholesome, unprocessed food and more aware of what I'm putting in my body. I don't crave a lot of the things I use to and I'm not as tired as I use to be either, because I'm fuelling my body with the right foods that it needs. Nutrition definitely has played a big role in my fitness, fat loss and mental health.

If any of you out there have goals and want to become better at something at FIT365 or just generally want to get fit then go see Aaron and Jo at FIT365 

Trust me they know what they are doing and it works.

Aaron McIlwee