Fundamentals; one on one personal training

The FIT365 Fundamentals course is our exciting introduction to the world of Multi-Modal General Physical Preparedness (MMGPP). This one-on-one or two-on-one person group course will prepare you to reach your highest possible level of fitness. 12 sessions are required for anyone who is new to the MMGPP and weightlifting methodologies. We will determine how many classes are needed during your first few sessions – however, this may change depending on your level of progress and comfort.

Our primary goal in these 60-minute sessions is to prepare you to join our group classes with confidence and a good base of strength and conditioning. We will identify your own unique strengths and weaknesses, some of which are yet unknown, to hone preexisting skills and begin to improve on the things that are holding back your athletic ability. You will also be matched up with a Coach for Life who will be your fitness and lifestyle mentor. You will learn how to lift safely and efficiently with lighter weights with a focus on developing a strong technical base. We will slowly add more movements and heavier weight once you are ready.

Each session will end with a metcon (a huffy-puffy workout) which will allow us to measure your progress. Under our guidance, you’ll have the chance to push yourself and put your new skills to the test. This program brings results! During the FIT365 Fundamentals course, your body and your mindset will change for the better.



WOD 1 x Hour

Traditional functional fitness classes that includes a warm-up, skill or strength training, the Workout of the Day (or “WOD”), and mobility work. The workouts can always be scaled so that new members can workout alongside regular members. On some days, the WOD will be a 10-20 minute metabolic conditioning workout that combines several movements or exercises that are grouped into sets and either completed for time or in as many rounds a possible (“AMRAP”). On other days, the class will focus on a strength piece (heavy presses, squats or deadlifts) followed by a shorter metabolic conditioning “finisher” workout. We encourage all FIT365 Mangawhai athletes to record their workout times/scores and track their progress on our performance tracking app.

WOD class.jpg

C02 1 x Hour

Hgh-intesity and high-energy, CO2 (Conditioning Only) classes utilises functional body weight movements with light to moderate loads. This program includes FIT365 Mangawhai's strength-building movements but omits the complex gymnastics and Olympic weight-lifting exercises. CO2 is easy to start but still very challenging and, like our WOD classes, every workout is different. Expect to work hard and see amazing results.

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ELEMENTS 4 x 1 hour session

The 4 session 'Elements' program is designed for current members who have been attending CO2 classes for one month or more. The purpose of Elements is to learn proper form and technique of the barbell movements in order to participate in any regular scheduled WOD or Barbell class. This mandatory training reduces the risk of injury and allows you to learn the proper movements safely and effectively so you get the most out of your workouts.  Elements can also be attended by regular WOD members who want an opportunity to revisit and refine technique.

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Pilates 1 x HOUR

Imagine an exercise programme you look forward to, that engages you and leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being. The Classical Pilates Method will do this and much more. There are many different styles of Pilates and although the exercises you perform will remain largely the same, the difference lies in the way the exercises are performed. With Classical Pilates the workout is delivered in such a way as to ensure connection of the core muscles is maintained throughout the workout, increasing its effectiveness and leading to faster results. It is a dynamic movement system that focuses on improving flexibility and strength for the whole body.



FIT365 Mangawhai kids is aimed at ages 5-12 years. It introduces basic functional fitness in a positive and safe environment. Kids will learn physical movements such as squatting, jumping and basic gymnastics alongside neurological movements such as balance, posture and agility.  They will also learn a little about nutrition and anatomy in an interactive Coach lead class. 

Our goal with our kids is just to get them moving and provide encouragement to try new things. Building their confidence and acknowledging their every achievement is our primary focus every session. Teaching them to appreciate how awesome their bodies are will build happier and stronger kids.



Our Mobility classes are designed to provide daily mobility WODs to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity. These sessions are for everyone! This program was designed to address the number one limiting factor of all athletes, their range of motion! But range of motion is not an issue that is present only in the gym. Range of motion limits everyone, and whether you are trying to get into better positioning in your overhead squat or you just want to sit on the floor to play with your children, Mobility is the answer that your body needs to open and free your joints.

Mobility class.jpg


This is a self-directed time slot for you to work on getting stronger, specific skills, or on your mobility.