Imagine an exercise programme you look forward to, that engages you and leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being. The Classical Pilates Method will do this and much more.

There are many different styles of Pilates and although the exercises you perform will remain largely the same, the difference lies in the way the exercises are performed. With Classical Pilates the workout is delivered in such a way as to ensure connection of the core muscles is maintained throughout the workout, increasing its effectiveness and leading to faster results. It is a dynamic movement system that focuses on improving flexibility and strength for the whole body.

· Do you have muscle imbalances?

· Could your flexibility be improved?

· Are you after better posture?

· Would you like increased energy?

· Do you want improved sports performance?

· Would you like strong lean muscles?

· Is injury prevention important to you?

· Do you suffer from back pain?

· Do you have shoulder or  knee niggles?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions - you could benefit from Pilates.

Because of its adaptability, Pilates has proven effectiveness with people of all ages and fitness levels. It engages your body and your mind!

“I started pilates with Jo 10 weeks after giving birth to my daughter via cesarean section. By learning the correct techniques and being expertly guided, my core strength improved after just three sessions. I found pilates to be the ideal activity to begin exercising after the operation.