The diet starts on Monday...

How many times have you said “The diet starts on Monday”

Imagine if you knew, that the next change you made to your nutrition was going to be your last. No more googling the latest shake plan or fast acting weight loss pill or trying to get all of your micronutrient needs through tablets.

Wouldn’t it be empowering to know that you could learn how to sufficiently nourish yourself and be sorted for the rest of your days?No more “yo-yo-ing”, no more getting sucked into short term fixes, no more expensive and unsustainable diets.

You have to accept that short term fixes, are just that. Be cautious of the very appealing “slim down for summer” or 6 week blitzes. If you’re trying to change years or even decades of poor quality nutrition then progressive changes, patience and a bit of initial will power, must over rule the quick fire fads. In fact in my book, if it’s a diet, it’s doomed to fail!

Good nutrition is a lifestyle choice. What does that mean? Basically, when you can honestly say that natural, whole and unprocessed nutrition is “just the way I eat”, then you’ve cracked it. And just as important, you have maintained solid relationships with your family and friends throughout this learning process ;-)

For so many people, food equals STRESS! Heads up team, stress makes you sick and over weight! Here’s just a few pointers to get the wheels turning….

1. The food you eat must taste good.

2. It must be enjoyed by your whole family.

3. Most of the time it needs to come from natural, whole and unprocessed sources.

4. It must suit your work and exercise demands.

5. It must be accessible and within your budget.

6. And perhaps the most important….IT MUST NOT ruin your social life and alienate you from your family and friends.

Initially changing your daily nutrition can put you into a bit of a head spin and yes it does take time and planning. But long-term lifestyle nutrition decisions will in time, become easy and the food you choose will nourish you. 

From the lips of a very wise man, when making a food choice consider this “what builds me versus what drains me” (cheers Cliff Harvey).

Aaron McIlweeComment